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Our schools in Chiswick and Ravenscourt Park provide a passionate commitment to Montessori education with outdoor learning in beautiful parkland spaces.

A very warm welcome from the team at Rocks Lane Montessori and Ravenscourt Park Montessori. We hope this website provides you with an initial introduction to our schools. We welcome the opportunity to meet families; please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions, or to schedule a visit.

We feel incredibly lucky to be a core part of children’s lives at a time when they are learning at an incredible rate, discovering countless treasures in the world around them, and developing interests and skills. With us, each child is nurtured and supported, and is encouraged in each moment to develop their independence and self-esteem. Each carefully-chosen activity within the indoor and outdoor environments speak to a child’s development, and are designed to encourage children to pursue actively their own learning.

We passionately follow the Montessori approach to education, with qualified teachers and the complete range of Montessori equipment. We hope this site explains more about Montessori, and the incredibly woman that she was. In short, a Montessori education is one that believes in the innate potential of each child, and provides a specific environment and teaching approach that builds confidence, and that draws out individual passions and potential.

We make a promise to families. We promise to ensure that our children:

  • Are loved
  • Are respected
  • Are free to choose
  • Are listened to
  • Are safe from harm
  • Are free to make mistakes
  • Will laugh and have fun
  • Will move, dance, sing and play
  • Will build confidence and independence
  • Will enjoy learning about our wonderful world.

We will do this through offering children an indoor and outdoor classroom full of discoveries that they are drawn to, such as learning about volcanoes, jumping in puddles, painting, growing our garden together, making music, storytelling, celebrating world festivals, and so much more. Children have the freedom to choose their activities, to master them, and to become creative and independent individuals with a life-long love of learning.

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