Rocks Lane Montessori - Policies

Our Policies

Our schools follow a full range of policies and procedures that govern the way we operate. These detail all aspects of our approach to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of children with us, and our team, including safeguarding, equal opportunities, medicine, fire safety, staffing, privacy, special educational needs, outings, and visitors.

Every month, we have a 'Policy of the Month' on our Parent Information Board, which we encourage parents to browse through.

Please find below some of the policies and procedures that are most frequently requested by members of our community, which can be downloaded. The full range of policies and procedures is available at our setting and by making contact with us. Policy content is regularly maintained and updated any our team as well as with the input of experts such as the Early Years team at our local authority. Parents and carers are invited to contribute to our policies and we send out regular surveys inviting comments and feedback.

If you would like any further information that is not available here, please get in touch with us.