Rocks Lane Montessori - Testimonials


Here are some testimonials from parents who have been kind enough to let us know their thoughts and experiences about our schools. Any identifying data has been removed.


“Quite simply, it has been amazing. Rocks Lane Montessori is an extraordinary and incredibly special school. She has absolutely thrived under the care of the teachers and has loved every single second of her time at school.”

“There aren’t enough words to thank you for what you did for the kids and families during the pandemic.”

She was understood so so well. I think Miss R “got her number” from the very beginning and knew right away what her personal pace was, what she could do and what was good for her. So she thrived. It showed so clearly.

“Our daughter has absolutely loved her time at Rocks Lane Montessori. From the very first moment we visited, we have felt part of a very special community where the teachers have created the ideal conditions for children to grow and flourish. There is a real focus on the children’s emotional well-being, which gives them the stability and confidence to fulfil their potential. Each and every teacher consistently goes above and beyond their professional duty for the children and we could not have wished for a better environment to prepare our daughter for school life. We love you all!”

“We were immediately made to feel like part of the family and the time just went too quickly.”

“She couldn’t have gone to a better place to start her learning journey.”

“She has had such a wonderful start to her educational journey, and Rocks Lane has been so much more than simply a pre-school”.

“Rocks Lane will always be a very special place for us, where she has grown and started to shine in a nurturing, inspiring and kind environment. You have played such an important role in her journey and we will be forever

"I was amazed how her teacher brought her to a place of deep and blissful concentration within moments of us visiting and I wont forget how you all welcomed her the first time we came. You have a wonderful school.”

“She runs in to Rocks Lane Montessori each morning with a smile and hugs her teachers. She comes home and is excited to tell me about what she has learnt that morning, and then she puts the things she has learnt into practice throughout the week. We are so pleased to have found such a supportive, encouraging and caring nursery school for our daughter.”

“Thank you for all your hard work, we love Rocks Lane Montessori.”

“We just love it and feel so lucky to have found your nursery. She has learnt so much, talks about all the things she's done and also talks about the teachers. It's clear how much she loves you all!”

"We are both so proud of how settled she is at your fabulous preschool, I'm so pleased she is lucky enough to be with you right from the start.”

“He is thrilled to start with you. He is already referring to Rocks Lane as "my school". I'm certain he will thrive at your school.”

"We were absolutely charmed.”

"I’ve visited a few nurseries now to get a feel for what is available and what I like and I can say that what I’ve seen so far of Rocks Lane it is so good on so many levels and it really does feel like the best fit for us. From the small mixed age class, to the location in a familiar setting for her close to home, the ethos and the people we met. She also gave it the thumbs up as when we left she said totally independently, without being asked what she thought, “I like that”.”

"She is the luckiest girl in London getting to go to your nursery school, it's so gorgeous, we can't believe how lucky we are to have you!"

“As a parent who has had children at numerous nurseries, I can honestly say that Rocks Lane Montessori is the best I have seen. From the regular photo updates, the considered weekly progress reports, the curriculum, to the all-round care and diligence that goes above and beyond, I can definitely see it benefitting my son who is coming on in leaps and bounds.”

“Starting school as a little one is a huge step, and I am eternally grateful for the team at Rocks Lane Montessori for making this a step that has felt safe and full of love. They have handled the transition to school perfectly, and I feel like part of this journey for my son.”

“He has thrived so far at your school, and somehow has a new curiosity for the world around him, like it has been opened up to him. He is making friends, gaining confidence, having a ball, and learning so much every day.”

"I’m really pleased with everything, thank you so much. I feel that everything is set up for each individual and so much care is taken to for everything to suit the children so well. It’s such a lovely caring and gentle environment. I especially like hearing what she has been up to each day when I come to pick her up and discussing things with the teachers to help deepen the understanding on both sides of what she is capable of."

"Huge thanks to you for setting up something so wonderful and building such a great team!"

"We could not be happier to see how our little one learns, gains confidence and has fun all along his journey with Rocks Lane Montessori. Thank you to all the team for making us feel part of your project."

"He is so excited to go off to school and commonly talks about what he is learning there, the teachers and the other students. This has been a wonderful development in his life, and in ours as well."

"My daughter is absolutely loving it. The staff is very professional, caring, kind and with a very positive attitude. The facilities are also superb. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rocks Lane Montessori to any of my friends."

“I'm delighted that he has found such wonderful people and such a lovely setting for his first time in school.”

"I love this school!"

“They are the most wonderful, caring and gentle Montessori setting with immediate outside access in a green space for child led free play in their secure nursery garden. Days are filled with wonderful activities.”

“There is already a wonderful community of parents who all speak so highly of the setting. The manager is highly particular about the staff and it shows. They are all excellent, calm and gentle and friendly. The manager also ensures that all the parents are well cared for and works hard to ensure that individual needs are catered for. She even remembers grandparents and other carers names.”

“It really is exceptional.”

Ravenscourt Park

"Ravenscourt Park Montessori is incredibly special. It is magic. It is like poetry."

"I was simply blown away by my visit to the classroom this afternoon. The system is so carefully worked out. The calm, the orderliness, the beautiful and fascinating equipment, carefully kept, the systems and the reasons for them. The children in your care are so lucky. They are having the best start in education (and not just education) that it's possible to imagine."

"It has been such a joy in our lives for the girls to attend such a caring, thoughtful, loving nursery, where they have been so well looked after and nurtured. I've been so impressed and so grateful for the very thoughtful feedback that we get as parents."

"Ravenscourt Park Montessori is a special place to be a part of and we couldn’t be happier that we chose to bring our children to your nursery."

"Both our children have always been so happy to skip into nursery every day and that is all down to the wonderfully warm and nurturing environment you all help cultivate."

"It brought me to tears to think about the impact and positive influence you and your teachers have had on P and our lives. We're so lucky to be a part of this community."

"Your OFSTED Outstanding was never deserved more by anyone else ever – the team are SUCH a marvel, I wish the babes could stay with you FOREVER!!"

"It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and seeing how passionately you care for all the children, not just M. He has blossomed during these months and we are definitely more relaxed about him starting primary school and can't thank you enough."

"We feel so lucky to be part of this nursery. We wish we could stay here for primary too."

"The OFSTED Report is confirmation of what we all already knew, that RPM is a happy, outstanding nursery. You and the team deserve huge credit for building such a successful nursery."

"We’re very glad to have E with you and are delighted that she is happy, making friends and learning every day."

"We are so proud of you and what you’ve built. Your nursery is amazing – kids thrive there, and it’s clear they’re seen as the awesome individuals that they are."

"B, 2 years into Primary School, still asks when she can go back to nursery. Congratulations to the whole team."

"You are all an absolutely amazing team and we are all so lucky to be a part of the Ravenscourt Park Montessori family."

"G is still talking about his old school so much. They are the best memories of his life so far."

"They go the extra mile, all the time."

"We are so grateful to be a part of the wonderful community you have created. Thank you for what you and the team have done."

"We are so grateful for the opportunity to have C attend your school, and for the care and attention you have shown both him and our family."

"As a mother, there is no better feeling than to know that your son is being taught by such dynamic teachers who so generously show him the right tools to navigate life. He has loved every moment. Thank you for all the hard work in creating such a unique experience for him."

"We are so pleased for the start of term and can honestly say that in just a short two days of nursery we have already see a huge development advancement in his abilities. Thank you for your dedication."

"Thank you for being so caring towards E. She really loves going to school and we can see what big strides she has made since she started. We couldn’t love the nursery more."

"Not only does E love being at nursery, which is a joy in itself, but it really is so lovely to know there is such value placed on her learning."

"What a superb team you have."

"Both our children have always been so happy to skip into nursery every day and that is all down to the wonderfully warm and nurturing environment you all help cultivate."

"I think I speak for all the parents when I say we are all immensely happy and proud of you all."

"We are so lucky to call it OUR nursery!!!"

"What a lovely, albeit not surprising, outcome of the inspection, so incredibly well deserved."

"We feel very lucky to be a part of this really special and HAPPY community. You are 'outstanding’!"